Gnolls are feral humanoids that attack settlements along the frontiers and borderlands of civilization without warning, slaughtering their victims and devouring their flesh.

The alpha of a gnoll pack is the pack lord, ruling by might and cunning. A pack lord earns the best of a gnoll pack’s spoils, food, valuable trinkets, and magic items. It ornaments its body with brutal piercings and grotesque trophies.

Gnolls celebrate their victories by making blood offerings to dark powers. Sometimes that dark power rewards its worshipers by allowing one of them to be possessed by a demonic spirit. Marked as that power’s favorite, the lucky recipient becomes a Darkfang. A hyena that feasts on a Darkfang’s slain foe undergoes a horrible transformation, becoming a full-grown adult gnoll. Depending on the number of hyenas in a region, a Darkfang can lead to a startling increase in the gnoll population. Finding and killing the Darkfang is the only way to keep that population in check.




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